How to Earn Trust and Win More Business

How to Earn Trust and Win More Business

As a home improvement professional, your customers are looking to check several boxes before they do business with you. 

Your potential customer needs to know that you:

  • Are a trustworthy expert
  • Will deliver quality work
  • Are a good value

How do you reinforce these messages to turn more of your leads into customers, and more of your one-time customers into repeat customers? We’ll show you!

Messaging to Earn Trust

Now that you know what your potential customers are looking for, how do you communicate that you are the right professional for the job?

Here is where you can start:

  • Highlight your reviews. Some customers will seek them out. If you send an email highlighting your favorite online review platform, you shape the conversation and earn trust!
  • Show your work. Seeing is believing, and showing your previous projects is powerful. Email out a link to your gallery or to reviews that include project photos.
  • Bring in 3rd parties. Explain your associations and awards. Being BBB accredited matters, but the customer might not fully understand why until you explain it!

To make sure that every potential customer receives these messages and trusts your company before your staff ever sets foot in their home, you will need a solid CRM with automatic messaging. That’s where LeadPerfection comes in! We set up your business for automatic growth. If your current CRM provider isn’t blowing you away with new features and seamless business automation, give us a call today!

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