How Fast is Fast Enough? Speed to Lead for Home Improvement


How Fast is Fast Enough? Speed to Lead for Home Improvement

You know that your customers expect a quick response. Exactly how quick may surprise you!

Harvard Business Review has the key metrics: companies that contact a customer within 5 minutes of receiving their lead information have a 6 times better chance of making the sale than companies who waited 60 minutes.

If you wait a full day, forget about it. By contacting a customer within 5 minutes, you have a 60 times better chance of closing the sale than a company that waits 24 hours or more.

Appointment Set in 60 Seconds: How to Get There

You can hand your sales team an enormous, untapped reservoir of appointments just by getting your speed-to-lead dialed in.

So, how do you get to a rapid-fire sales operation from where you are today? Here are your three steps to get your speed-to-lead reliably under one minute.

  1. Automate your lead flow. Integrate your lead sources with your CRM, so that they appear automatically in front of your phone team without manual data entry.
  2. Integrate your phone system. Our Smart Dialler at LeadPerfection gives you an easy way to always dial the next best lead. Get your new leads and dial them, automatically!
  3. Call yourself. It sounds silly, but run a quality-assurance check by being your own secret shopper. Call your main number, and see how long it would take you to set an appointment. Fill in a quote request form, and see how long it takes you to get a call. Once your team reliably gets back to you in less than 60 seconds, you’re successful!

Are you ready for explosive growth, but struggling to make your technical systems work together? Here at LeadPerfection, we understand your need for rapid lead response. That is why we built all the tools you need for industry-leading speed-to-lead response time!

We offer:

  • Automated lead integration
  • A high-speed and intuitive user interface for your phone team
  • Smart dialler and call center integration
  • End-to-end reporting, so you can see no leads are falling through the cracks

If you’re ready to grow in 2020 but need a growth-ready CRM for your home improvement business, give us a call or schedule a demo online! We are excited to show you what LeadPerfection can do for your business.

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