Get More from Less

Get More from Less

How To Work Your Unsold Leads

As homeowners settle into their social-distancing routines, remodelers across the industry are reporting lower lead counts. To continue growing despite the slowdown, LeadPerfection partners are working their database of previous leads to set new appointments and close new sales.

Here is your quick communication guide for what to send to your unsold leads to get them to sit for an appointment, either in-person or over the phone:

    1. Special Offers: Plan a Spring special, and make it truly enticing!
    2. No-Brainer Financing: Many financing providers are offering special options for home improvement pros – ask your financing provider what they can offer, and email it out to your stalled leads
    3. Product Features: Each lead in your system was interested in a particular product you sell. Email them messaging about that product, like new features and benefits!
    4. Testimonials: Social proof is a powerful selling tool. Send your potential customers success stories from your current customers.

If you need help setting up your home improvement business for success, request a demo of LeadPerfection today! We built our software with the remodeling industry in mind, so we make growth easy and automatic. Give us a call today or fill in the form, and we will help you get more out of your current database!

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