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Background information on LeadPerfection. The #1 system used to manage businesses in the Home Remodeling Industry.


Demonstration of how to navigate through the various pages of LeadPerfection,

Sales Rep Scheduling

Learn how LeadPerfection allows you to schedule sales reps for the dates and times that they will be able to run appointments.

Finding Prospects

Learn about how to find prospect records in LeadPerfection.

Contact Details

Learn about the Contact Detail page in LeadPerfection. This is the main page where prospect information is stored.

Internet Maps and Phonebook Lookups

Learn how LeadPerfection uses popular web sites to help you find name, address and phone information.

Estimated Drive Time

Learn how LeadPerfection uses Estimated Drive Time to help your appointment setters find the best time slot to book in order to minimize the drive time of your sales reps.

Outbound Dialing

Learn how LeadPerfection manages the entire outbound dialing process of your phone room or call center.

Handling Internet Leads

Learn how LeadPerfection handles internet leads to avoid having to re-key lead information while assuring that your phone room is following up quickly on each lead received.

Managing Production

Learn how LeadPerfection manages the entire production cycle of your business, including installations, service, commissions and job costing.

Document Imaging

Learn how LeadPerfection allows you to electronically attach photos and scanned images to individual records so that they are easily accessible whenever and whereever needed.


Learn how LeadPerfection allows you to run reports.

LeadPerfection Sample Reports

The following is a partial sample of some of the 150+ reports that come standard in LeadPerfection


See why the leaders in Home Improvement Choose LeadPerfection


LeadPerfection is the Home Improvement industry’s all-in-one system for:

Lead Automation:

Put the best leads in front of your call center, automatically

CRM Success:

All of your leads, all in one place, and easily monitored every step of the way

Sales Management:

Get instant, up-to-date insights into sales performance

Proven Growth:

Grow like the best companies in the industry with an intuitive and proven CRM

Seamless Transition to LeadPerfection

When you transition from your current CRM to LeadPerfection our team makes it as seamless and stress free as possible. We know when it takes to make the transition with as little down time on your daily operations. Our experienced team takes the time to train your users to ensure that they hit the ground running with LeadPerfection!

Our Clients:

Step #1

Our team performs a full Migration of your data from your current system and uploads into LeadPerfection.

Step #2

The LeadPerfection Account team trains your team on how to use the system for peak performance.

Step #3

We seamless start the forwarding all leads to LeadPerfection and support your team while they get used to the new system.

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